Slide out leak

Discussion in 'Talkback' started by mattielp, Jul 28, 2009.

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    We have a 2008 Cherokee 26K and had some bad rain recently. Anyways, we noticed water on the floor right beside where the slide out moves out on the left side. There are drawers on the left side, upon pulling these drawers out, we noticed the carpet was wet on the left side. There is no other areas above or around that are wet, so it seems to me it might be the outside horizontal trim on the slide out that may be the problem. Also, the bulb shaped trim that surrounds the slide out has come off about 2 feet. It seems that it was put on too long and has come off in the middle. It fits into some kind of track then caulked to finish the seal. What do you guys think?


  2. utmtman

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    Re: Slide out leak

    Sounds like you have a slideout leak. Had one and had to pay to repair because warranty said that is was considered weather stripping and nothing more. They had to replace the bottom seal to stop my leak and I too was getting wet floor on both sides. If your missing part of your seal that too could add to your porblem. Another is if the rubber is not turning out when you put the slide out. They also had to readjust mine because it was not quite centered as well. And it has leaked one time since. Good luck to ya.
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    Re: Slide out leak

    I think you're right on Matt. That horizontal trim seal can look good but be BAD. I had a leak like yours. I just resealed with silicone & it took care of the problem. has not leaked in over 3 yrs. I could not see a bad spot or a gap. It sure took care of it & it was easy to do. Check with the mfgr as silicone will not stick to most other sealants !! See what they used originally. Dean
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    Re: Slide out leak

    When using a silicone sealant, make sure that all previously used silicone has been removed as the new will not stick to the old silicone.

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