Slide out problems

Discussion in 'Class A / Diesel Pushers' started by philrv, Jun 22, 2010.

  1. philrv

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    We are from the UK and have a r-vision trail lite and we are having the problems with the slide out. It has just started to not go in fully at the bottom. We have a gap of about an inch. It is OK at the top but sticks out at the bottom. Any ideas or help would be appreicated.

  2. Triple E

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    Re: Slide out problems

    Hello Phil and welcome to forum.
    Have you tried to extend it all the way out and then bring it back in? Not sure it this will help but I would try that first. IMO. Good luck and lets us know what happens. :)
  3. C Nash

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    Re: Slide out problems

    Either something is sticking it at the bottom or just needs adjusting. Most likely adjustment if top is going all the way. Welcome to the forum

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