sliding hitch for short bed

Discussion in 'Towables' started by jewallac, May 20, 2009.

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    Looks like everything these days is a short bed truck and I'm not fond of ordering and paying full price for a long bed. So, I'd like to hear from anyone that has a sliding hitch to understand how it works. I've been on the Reese hitch website and they show a nice video of the turning radius but not how the hitch actually works. I know in the past these were manual and you had to do something when ready to back the trailer. My understanding is that these are not manual anymore but I don't know how they work. Any info would be appreciated.

    June :)
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    Re: sliding hitch for short bed

    June, Most are still manual. Reese does have an electric motor that you can work from the cab, but that adds about 500.00 to the cost. You just get out and throw the arm for Towing position or Maneuvering position.

    There is an automatic hitch, but you will pay 2,500 for it.

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