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Discussion in 'General RVing' started by krsmitty, Jun 27, 2011.

  1. krsmitty

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    Finally upgrading to a new HTC smartphone. I always understood that tethering to a laptop using a USB cable and software like PDAnet was ok. Verizon was telling me that that the phones dont/cant/Verizon don't want you to tether now days? I know there is the hotspot for $20 extra a month. But, I was just interested in tethering.

    I know there are people doing it???
  2. LEN

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    Re: Smartphone Tethering

    Less than 6 months ago I updated to the Droidx Verizon. The gal that helped me at the verizon store added PDANET and said you will want this. You must go to pdanet itself to down load the app as the verizon store doesn't carry it anymore. The free version wil not go to secure sites(E-mail) with the usb but will with bluetooth. I just bought the blue tooth usb by rocketfish and it work great, using it at the moment at Delta Junction AK. That way you can have the computer away from the phone.

  3. krsmitty

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    Re: Smartphone Tethering

    Thanks for the info. I think Verizon is trying to stop all the free access. I have bluetooth on my laptop, so the free pdanet should work via bluetooth? After I get braver will be trying the "root" method to get the free wi fi hotspot working.
  4. dfedora

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    RE: Smartphone Tethering

    About 18 months ago I got a Verizon plan. That had a Palm 3 G phone w/ wifi hot stop plan for free for 24 months 5 mb/ month . Its worked great as long as i had a verizon signal.
  5. krsmitty

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    Re: Smartphone Tethering

    Phone is suppose to come in today and it has bluetooth on it and so does my laptop. So, I assuming they should be able to connect via bluetooth. If not, I seen some videos showing this model phone with built in tethering option. Guess we will find out.

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