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  1. alapataws

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    Can anyone give me advice or links to website where I can go 100% solar? What would that take?

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  2. TexasClodhopper

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    Re: Solar

    First, add up the absolute minimum and absolute maximum wattage that you think you would need to consume.

    Second, look for a solar generator that can supply that.

    Third, bring lots of money. It won't be cheap.
  3. LEN

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    Re: Solar

    You can not go 100% solar, hot water, cooking and refer still take propane and heat if needed. For electrical needs for TV, computer, lights and coffee in the morning and the furnace once in a while 300-400 watts $2000 to $3000 will do it, if your in open area and good days of sun.

  4. alapataws

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    Re: Solar

    Thanks for the advice Tex and Len. I had budgete about $5k for the project so it's sounds like I can do this. I was going to use LP for the appliances you noted but was thinking about converting some of them either to DC or AC with an solar inverter. I have seen this done to off-grid cabins and thought it could apply to TT as well. If not the LP works for me. I was also thinking about installing LED lighting?

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