Southward Bound - US-Panama and back

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    Loren and Patty Upton are headed south of the border and we are looking for adventurous fellow travelers who would like to join us later this year (2011) and early 2012 for a 2 - 3 month road trip from the United States to Panama and back. No exact dates or routes at this time –we are working on the rubber band principle - totally flexible. We will be driving our 2007 Dodge 3500 pick-up truck with a shell and we will be camping in official campgrounds as much as possible. We are looking for other likeminded / family friendly travelers who wish to join us travelling in their own rig for any portion of or the entire journey. We will each be responsible for taking care of our own personal needs. For more info on where some of our expeditions have taken us and who we are please see our web site: www.outbackofbeyond. This is not a commerical web site, strictly informational.

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