Steering Stablilizers anyone?

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by rockofages, Oct 10, 2007.

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    A friend who had a Fleetwood Discovery told me he had to spend $2000. on steering stabliizers. this normal? he said it was a 36 ft. Discovery. should i think about that for any RV over 30 feet or so when I buy?
    thanks for any advice you may have on this.
    Helen :)
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    RE: Steering Stablilizers anyone?

    Is u'r rv that outta control??? just asking ,, don't take it wrong ,, but myself have never updated my steering control ,, i have a 40ft Alegro Bus and it drives like a dream ,, even wtih a flat front tire it still does just fine ,, IMO,, if u do not have to have it,, i would not spend the money ,, but if so ck out Bilstiens ,, they have some great steering controls at a good price,, but again JMO ;) :)
  3. rockofages

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    Re: Steering Stablilizers anyone?

    thanks for the advice. actually we don't own an RV YET....just looking at all the options.
    we are seriously considering either a Newmar Bay Star 35 ft or a Triple E Embassy from Canada. they are both rated very high in the consumers books.
    but this friend said he had major problems with his Fleetwood Discovery's wobbling all over the road.
    take care then.... :)

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