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Discussion in 'General RVing' started by thomasamski, Nov 8, 2010.

  1. thomasamski

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    I want to convert the overhead sleeping area of my Class C motor home to storage with a few drawers and cabinets. Does anyone know where I can get plans for such as project? Thank you in advance.
  2. H2H1

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    Re: Storage cabinets ...

    you might stop by a cabinet shop and ask if they have any suggestions you mightbe interested in. They may give you a price to do it for u. I am thinking of pulling the combo W/D out and having some drawers put in
  3. akjimny

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    Re: Storage cabinets ...

    Tom - If you do this, make sure you use lightweight materials. You don't want to add a whole bunch of weight in cabinets and the stuff you will stuff into them over the front end of your motor home. Most Class C's are front-end heavy to begin with. Also, too much weight that high up will raise your center of gravity and contribute to lean when making corners.

    I imagine it can be done, but I would be very careful. Personally, I use a couple of laundry baskets up there to hold the Boss Lady's artsy-crafty stuff and a couple of sleeping bags and other light stuff.

    Post back and let us know how it goes. :) :)
  4. TexasClodhopper

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    Re: Storage cabinets ...

    That area was designed with sleeping in mind.

    Can you say that what you are going to put up there will not weigh more than one sleeping person? Don't forget to include the weight of the materials to do it.
  5. thomasamski

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    Re: Storage cabinets ...

    Wow. Some good suggestions. Thank you very much. Maybe I will just use portable lightweight storage. LazyDays in Florida wants about $2,000 to do the job. Way too much. I'm handy, but not handy enough to perform that sort of work on the RV. Again, thanks all.
  6. rjf7g

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    Re: Storage cabinets ...

    We have really good curtains with strong Velcro to hold them together. We use the bunk as storage mostly, but can move stuff to the car if we need to sleep an extra person.

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