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    You are correct in the receiver is the 2 inch square tube "female" part on the rear of your truck. There is no drilling at all to installing an Equal-i-zer hitch. It is simply measuring and bolting on a couple of brackets, mounting the ball on the hitch head (this is usually the hardest part as it takes a large thinwall socket that must be torqued to about 400ft/pds. Best to let a dealer or auto shop put it on the hitch head), bolting the hitch head onto the drawbar or shank and inserting the whole thing into the receiver. The adjustment of the WD spring bars and tilt of the hitch head is where it gets a bit harder. Most dealers do not have the expertise or don't want to take the necessary time to do it right. If you will send me an e-mail (listed on my website) I will refer you to a place that has step by step instructions for adjusting your hitch. This probably will be necessary even if you have a dealer do the work - not always but most of the time.
    You could purchase the items and take them to your selling dealer and have him install them.
    You are going to need the items installed before you tow the trailer home. He will charge you for the installation but as long as it is a reasonable fee I see no reason for him not to do so. Camping World also does this type of thing and so do many private RV service shops. You could take the brake controller and hitch head and drawbar to Camping World, have them install the ball and hitch head to the drawbar and install your brake controller, and then all you would need to do at the dealer is bolt the brackets to the trailer A frame, insert the hitch into the receiver, hook up the bars, plug the electric cord in and drive home. Not hard at all.

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