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Discussion in 'General RVing' started by C Nash, Jan 17, 2010.

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    yep ,, one more for the Gov. to cover up ,, but i agree ,, they are new ,, but not so new ,, and how many really ck ,, Thanks Nash ,,, i am sure more will open their eyes on this one :approve: :approve:
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    The RV setting beside me had a blow-out on one of the RV tires on the way down here from Canada. They bought the tire in Nashville in 2008. When they tried to have the tire replaced under warranty, they discovered it was made in 2002. The dealer they took it to would not honor the warranty because the tire was over 5 years old.
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    Hey Charlie that is a good point you have brought out. I hope that everyone will read the DOT date stamped on the tire. I hope that when buying they ask for up to date tire. There are a lot of tire dealers out there that has tires on the selves that several years old because no one want to buy that th ype of tire, so they sit until some unsuspected person come in and not know any better buys it and suffer the consequences.
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    You're right Hollis. Being the naive person I am, I assumed you always got new tires when you purchased them. Not so...

    Everyone should wach the video Chelse posted. It tells you how how widespread the practice of selling old tires is and how to decrypt the DOT numbers to see when a tire was actually manufactured.

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