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    i'm assuming here a "toad" is a towed "car behind a motorhome" is that so? with that said is it legal or possible to tow two trailers? one behind the other? meaning .. truck/rv/small utility trtailer.. or is that asking for trouble? be a real chore to back up i imagine but ... thought id ask. thx
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    yes a toad ,, is what us that own MH's call the vehicle we tow for running around in when we have the MH parked,, so that we don't have to break camp to go anywhere ,, and i have seen some MH's that will tow a toad ,, and a small trailer behind that ,, but if u have a TT or 5er ,, IMO i would not advise u tow anything behind it ,, most frames on tt's and 5ers are not strong enough to handle the weight and load of another one being towed ,, and i know most will say "why is the a receiver on the back of my tt" ,, most use the receiver for other stuff ,, like bike racks ,, and even bbq grills ,, and yes i have seen it done ,, a 5er with another trailer behind it ,, it can be done ,, if u want ,, but u also have to ck the local state rules on where u might want to do this ,, some states do not allow it ,, but this is JMO ,, and i am sure others will have more to add to this ,, ;) :approve: :approve: :) :)
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    Re: toad?

    As Rod says - it can be done. I've seen a big pickup towing a 5er towing a bass boat. I don't think anyone could back up such a rig, other than a couple of feet straight back. I had trouble backing my motorhome when we were towing the Chevy van on a tow dolly. Too many axles going in too many directions. :eek: :eek:
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    Re: toad?

    thanks gang! ..

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