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  1. dramatic1

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    Hello al,

    my wife just traded her car for a new honda crv to provide us with a dingy, so now we need a tow bar to install. been looking at the blue ox stuff ( Aventa LX) but before i commit, is there any better options or traps to look out for? gonna get a braking system also, any comments on either will be appreciated

  2. Kirk

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    Re: tow bar

    We have been using a Blue Ox, Aladdin now for more than six years and we love it. We also like the fact that anytime you feel the need, you can just ship it back to the factory and they will rebuild it at no cost to you but shipping! We have had ours done and expect to do so again in another year or so. Remember that you will also need a base plate for the CR-V to attach it to. We tow a 2001 CR-V and have now towed it for more than 30K miles and have driven it more than 100K. It is a great toad!

    On the brake system, we use the Brake Buddy, but understand that the Apollo from Blue Ox is also a sound product. There could be a few companies that may come close to being as good as Blue Ox, but none could be any better.
  3. richf

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    Re: tow bar

    I have a Blue Ox Alexus system used with a CR-V, it works great and is easy to hook-up. I needed a drop receiver to get the CR-V and the Itasca Meridan level. Ordered it through Blue Ox. If you have a coach with air brakes I'd urge you to look at the M&G Brake System. Very simiple permanent install in the CR-V and coach. Installed price was around $1100.
  4. ronjillva

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    Drop Receiver

    We will be towing a CRV and will also need a drop receiver for a Fleetwood Terra. How close to level did you get the tow bar and did you establish the drop distance from the Itasca fully loaded with gas or not? A full tank will certainly make a difference. Thanks.
  5. hertig

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    Re: tow bar

    If the amount of fuel in the tank makes a differance in height, I would set my height with the tank about 3/4 full, not completely full. This way, it would average out to be the correct height, assuming you fill up when the tank gets about half full.

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