Towing a 2003 CR-V 2.4 liter automatic

Discussion in 'Beginning RVing' started by lazyjrontheroad, Jan 26, 2010.

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    I have found the subject vehicle to tow behind my Tradition. The vehicle has been set up to tow and has the mounting plates etc. installed to fit a Roadmaster tow bar. I have the Roadmaster 5000 tow bar that will fit this setup. Obviously this vehicle has been towed before but I do not have access to the original owner. My question relates to the note on the Motorhome web site lising for this vehicle stating "can be towed 4 down with prescribed towing procedure." Does someone know what this means exactly. The vehicle may have been modified for a pump or a disconnect, I dont know. Does this vehicle required such modification? Any Ideas? I know a lot of folks tow the CR-V..........let me hear from you.....thanks Jim
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    Re: Towing a 2003 CR-V 2.4 liter automatic

    The owners manual should give the dirrections. Some have a fusw to disconnect, some say start go to drive then reverse then neutral, some say stop every 200 miles and start the motor, but the only way to know is the owners anual.

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    Re: Towing a 2003 CR-V 2.4 liter automatic

    Should be able to go to Honda web site and get the instructions if you dont have the owner manual. Several here have towed the crv so maybe they will respond.

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