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Discussion in 'Beginning RVing' started by phdheelfan, Sep 18, 2009.

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    Hi all, I am thinking about buying a used hi-low which weighs around 2500. I have a 2006 Mazda Tribute with a tow limit of 3750; it does not have a tow package. I have called several local dealers regarding prices of adding a tow package and have gotten quotes from 450-1700.00. I have no idea what I actually need. Do I need a sway bar? Do I really just need to get a ball added? Any insight would be appreciated.
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    Re: towing a hi-low

    Welcome to the forum. You are going to be close to your max weight or over IMO. You say it weighs around 2500. Could it be more or is that what the label on the hilow says? Remember what you have in the Mazda also has to be added to the tow limit. I woulg get an estimate on the hitch from a local hitch shop. Does the price they are giving include a transmission cooler? I'm assuming it's an automatic trans. I'm not familiar with the Mazda towing so it's JMO. The HiLow does not have much wind residence so that's a plus.
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    Re: towing a hi-low

    thx for the response
    the mazda is an automatic-V6-I don't know what a transmission cooler is-
    I would only use the hi-low for local trips in North Carolina-to the mountains and the beach-neither over 200 miles-taking it up to the mountains would be the primary concern-I got the weight on the hi-lo from the manufacutor
    I admit to being completely clueless on anything dealng with a towing or motors
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    RE: towing a hi-low

    Your going to need a transmission cooler or the life of your transmission will be very short . The weight you will be towing is very close to the trucks limit not including the cargo weight. You also said you like to go to the mountains and that will give your transmission a heart attack with or with out a transmission cooler towing at the trucks limit . But that's only my opinion and others with greater knowledge of towing may say different . Happy camping stay safe :)

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