Towing a Train

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by fishlips, Mar 4, 2004.

  1. fishlips

    fishlips New Member

    We have a Ford 350 Deisel and pull a 28 ft fifth wheel with a 19 ft boat behind that. We like to camp and fish!!! We are just 18" short of being over length for our state. Has anyone been bothered with law enforcement officials on length? The saleman told us a lot of people buy bigger rigs and have no problems towing their toys.
  2. Gary B

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    Towing a Train

    Hi, I haven't heard of anyone having troubles with double towing, in MN. the legal lenth for towing is 60 feet, it is not the same as commercial truck regs, anf the MN. state patrol was very much against it when it passed, but thats a few years back now so they problay aren't real hot on it. unless you were grossly over length. The regs in MN. do limit you to a 28' 5er so if you tried it with a 30 / 32 footer or more you would most likely be in for some explaining. :) :laugh: :cool: :bleh: :approve:

    ARCHER Senior Member

    Towing a Train

    If your going through Wisconsin you better check the laws. I had heard several years ago that they do not allow a double tow.
  4. Shadow

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    Towing a Train

    We have a f-350 ford crew cab with a 276 cougar f/w and tow a 20'boat. It,s a bit over legal length but never a second look from a DPS. I bet if we were in a wreck or driving unsafe, the tape measure would come out and the tickets would fly. I agree with Gary, (leave some fish for us :laugh: ).

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