towing with 2004-2008 gmc/chevrolet 2500

Discussion in 'Towables' started by gwece, Jul 2, 2011.

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    I am considering a 2004-2008 gmc/chevrolet 2500 as a tow vehicle for my newly purchased fith wheel camper 10,500 gvwr (8,100 dry weight). Have been looking for a 6.0 L truck with a 373 rear end. Will I be able to pull this camper ok with this tow vehicle? I live in Southern Illinois and my longest pull will be into central Missouri hill country around the Black River. Won't camp far for home much at all. Also will use the truck to tow a 16 foot GN livestock trailer with 4-5K pounds of calves a couple times a year to the Patton Missouri livestock auction. Will the 6.0 L gas do the job or do I need to look for a diesel? Also would appreciate any comments on the B&W companion fifth wheel hitch for the B&W GN turnover ball which would accomodate both my fifth wheel camper and the GN livestock trailer.


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    RE: towing with 2004-2008 gmc/chevrolet 2500

    I think you might be pushing it. Check the tow ratings (online)

    I have a loaded 2004 Yukon XL with the 8.1L engine rated for 12,500 towing. As I recall, the smaller engine that was available would not pull my 30' Sunnybrook.

    Coincidentially, I just found this site while looking for places to list my Yukon for sale.

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