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Discussion in 'Class B Motorhomes' started by sonny2, Jun 24, 2011.

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    I'm new here, and I do mean new, I just posted my question in what I beleive to be wrong spot. Here it is again my house battery is dead. When not in use I plug into ac. Is this suppose to charge house battery? Or will I have to put in on a battery charger? Thanks for any answer.

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    Re: traillite class b question

    Welcome to the forum Maurice. Is your House battery good? Water level ok in it? Yes you should have a converter to recharge the battery when hooked to shore power. Might have a bad converter or just a blown fuse. You need to ck voltage with a VOM.
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    Re: traillite class b question

    well you said your battery is dead, did you put a meter on it to check the voltage? it could be a blown fuse, trace it out and see if there is an inline fuse orthe one at the converter blown. But it could be the post on the battery needs cleaning, had that on one of the TT I had, I paid a guy 85.00, hour charge to tell me. :(
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    one other thing ,, ck and make sure u'r dissconnect to the house batt is on ,, if it is off ,, it will not charge the battery ,, but do as others have said ,, and ck it with volt meter first ,, then charge it with a batt charger ,, and see what it is ,, u could have bad converter or bad batt ,, but there is also fuses on the battery charger side of the converter behind the panel that could be blown ,, what type of converter do u have ,, that will help :approve: :approve: :)

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