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    Hi! I don't know if anyone can really provide a answer to this but I'd like to hear your thoughts. We have a 25' Georgie Boy RV and can really park it just about anywhere but we like to come to Florida for a few months in the winter and we do NOT have a car to tow behind us. We come with "friends" and THEY have one but we would really like to be able to go where WE want to go from time to time. WHAT is the best car to tow behind? Is it cheaper to tow behind or rent a car now and then? WHO has the best deals on rentals? Would a car on a dolly be better? Just a whole lot of questions about bringing us something to "run around" in and maybe go here and there to see the sights, or spend the day at the beach? Would appreciate any and all comments. Thanks so much! Mrs. Phillips
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    Mrs Phillips
    I have towed many cars behind my rv's since I first started camping in 1973 and 6 rv's ago. My personal favorite was a preowned Honda Fit. With the proper brackets and toe bar, you wont know it's back there.
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    There are several cars that can be towed 4 down and those would be your best option. To me, a dolly seems like double the work and then you'd have storage issues. We tow a Jeep Wrangler 4 down and it's no problem at all. Depending on the vehicle though, there are steps you must take to make sure the tranny is properly set so it doesn't over heat.

    You'll probably need to get a base plate to attach to the front of the vehicle so the tow bars can attach safely. Make sure your hitch is rated high enough for the weight you're towing and get an auxiliary braking system, wire your lights and you're good to go!

    You can check out what equipment you'll need for different cars here:

    Good Luck!!

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