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    We have made 3 recent trips in our rv. Currently on the 3rd. Car along with us, being driven.

    Four weeks ago we took it to a resort we bought into several years ago. It ran good on the way there (85 miles, partial interstate, partial 2-lane up and down hills. On the way back it started sputtering and coughing on the up hill runs. Been this route before - fuel filters.

    We got it back home okay. I replaced the in-line and carb fuel filters and all the rubber fuel lines before the next trip.

    2 weeks later, same place, but took a different route with less turns and less extreme hills. We were only 20 miles in when it started acting up again. Several stops on the side of the road to check things. Final (3rd) stop and I pulled the carb fuel filter out. It is a Chevy 454, 4bbl. I think I had the filter in backwards - this filter is n on-intuitive. Ran the rest of the trip great. Home with no issues.

    Had to get a state inspection - it passed. Got it home and the upper radiator hose was pissing by the clamp. None available, so I cut about 2" off the end and reclamped. Leak is fixed. Ordered a new one.

    Now in the middle of the 3rd trip to the same spot. We are there and enjoying the weekend. No new hose yet. Brought duct tape and extra water.

    On the way here it started acting up again. Not quite the same as before. It was intermittantly missing and cutting out. I was running the generator for a/c, but it died while I was driving. The radio kept going off and on. Shut the radio off. It would still beep at me like it was turned on and off.

    My fan at the windshield corner was acting up, too. Had it on high, but it wasn't running at full speed. I got to a long down hill run and when I let off the gas the fan sped up. Guages all all reading normal. We kept going on and it slowly got worse. Now it is getting harder to hold speed even on the flats and it is sputtering and backfiring a LOT as I climb hills. I turned the fan off and it seems to be running a little better.

    Still daylight out and we are 14 miles from the resort. I look down and the alternator is reading about 8 volts. Shit, now we have a problem. I can here the engine. It is hiiting and missing at different intervals. Not enough volts to get a full spark out of the High Energy Coil Pack.

    Finally get to our turn off - 7 miles to go. Stop at the sign and the alternator is now reading 14 volts. Hmm, it outputs at idle, but not at highway speed. We make it to the resort and get backed into our spot. Get leveled up and eat dinner while the engine cools down.

    I took the dog house off and removed the aletrnator from inside the rv, in the a/c. We went to town the following day and had it checked. It is shot. O'Reilly's got me a new one that afternoon. Took it back and put it in the RV. Fired it up and we are back in business.

    Now to enjoy the weekend and hope for a smooth trip home.

    The fun never ends!

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    Re: Travels and troubles

    Well Mikw no one is all fun and games, we all have problems at some point in RVing, but glad it is all ok for now.
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    Re: Travels and troubles

    Mike, at least you have the wherewithal to diagnose and fix it yourself. I can't imagine how much all those problems would have cost if you had to have an RV mechanic look at it, not to mention how much time it would have taken.

    That's why I carry a tool box. The ability to self-recover is a valuable asset. Glad you worked out your problems. Hope you don't have too many more. Drive safe. :) :) :)
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    Re: Travels and troubles

    Haven't had an issue yet I couldn't fix. Always have a tool box along. This one only required a 1/2" socket and a 3/8" wrench to fix. The faucet tool was a good tensioning tool, too.

    All just a part of rving.

    We are starting our search for a newer diesel pusher.
    Then I get to learn about diesels.

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