Trouble with 6 liter engine

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by P.J, Oct 15, 2010.

  1. P.J

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    I understand that there is a class action law suit regarding the 6 lt engine.I was wondering how i could get my name added to this class action law suit.
    I owned an F350 King Ranch while on a trip the oil came up through my cooling resivour,aparently this has happened a lot and i was told that the ERG valve was at fault and it was not a part of the drive train and was not covered by warrenty.can you point me in the right direction with regards to this.
  2. jetboat

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    Re: Trouble with 6 liter engine

    Dont know about any class action suit,but heres what my dealer did for my 6.0.
    Changed out 3 injectors.
    Changed two EGR valve.
    Finally, did a EGR delete kit,and installed a BULLYDOG PROGAMER.
    With the programer,and in the high performance mode,went from 16.6 mpg,to 20.4.And i pull a 35'5th,with a 2004 f350 super duty long bed,swr.
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    RE: Trouble with 6 liter engine

    there should be if there is not, just put another 2k into a company truck this week, what a pile of junk the 6.0 is.

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