Underbed storage doesn't close

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by Janno, May 20, 2009.

  1. Janno

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    OK, so I opened the underbed storage area in my used (new to me) 1995 Sunline Solaris trailer. There are brackets to keep it from falling on your head as you get into the storage area. Well, they are locked and I can't put the bed back down. There don't seem to be any buttons or switches or anything to move to get it to go back down. Any suggestions?
  2. TexasClodhopper

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    Re: Underbed storage doesn't close

    Are those "brackets" round cylinders by any chance? If so, they are gas filled and spring loaded to hold the bed up and to restrain the movement (make it move slowly.)
  3. tommiehawke

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    Re: Underbed storage doesn't close

    usually when these cylinders fail they fail in the closed position due to the gas leaking out. if you can't push the bed down, you can position a rod to hold the bed in the upright position while you remove the cylinders. then just hold the bed up manually and remove the rod.
  4. elkhartjim

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    Re: Underbed storage doesn't close

    If they are like mine, you have to move the larger cylinder kinda sideways to release it. Mine is not a gas shock but is friction operated. Does it have an orange ab on it by chance?
  5. utmtman

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    Re: Underbed storage doesn't close

    Well let me throw my two cents in here. I have had that proplem happen three times since I bought my rv three years ago and what happened was the piston froze in the open position. I ended up having to remove it and order a new one. They are not always easy to come by. There are tons of the smaller sizes but few in the size my rig used. I have since added a third piston and since I did that I have not had a single lock open. Not sure why but think it was opening it all the way locked the piston open and caused it to no longer collapse. With the third piston it no longer opens all the way.

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