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Discussion in 'Talkback' started by wabbitwady, Aug 13, 2005.

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    I know there are several organizations who help people going thru hurricane recovery. (passing out water, repairs, food prep) Does anyone actually DO this in this forum who would be willing to share with me the rewards they receive from doing this? My husband and I are considering retirement in our early 50's and our dau. attends college in FL. We have heard of Kampers on a Mission thru Bap. church to help these hurricane victims. Anyone else know of anyone who does this? You would LIVE in your RV and travel to where you are needed. Thanks
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    vol. work

    wabbitwady, have several friends that spend time doing this. The reward is helping other people. Site for camping with hookup is furnished but the expense of getting there is on them. It is done through a church group. Most of the time they travel to other parts of the country. Seems to me they could do a lot local because I see needy people right here in our own back yards. We have helped local children during Christmas and the smiles on their faces are rewards :)
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    vol. work

    The US government has an agency, FEMA, that also uses some RVers. I think that might be a paid thing, but I'm not sure. There is also a group through Escapees RV Club that works with the American Red Cross as volunteers. That group is the "Birds of a Feather" group that is called "Doves." I'm not very well informed about them, but if you visit their web site at www.escapees.com you should be able to learn more.
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    vol. work

    Another area to consider is Habitat for Humanity. They have a group called rv-care-a-vanners who work all over the county to help local affiliates and have a quartrely newsletter describing where help is needed - you than let the care-a-vanner desk know where and when you would want to help and they form a team to go. I have boh worked as a care-a-vanner and also been the project manager of a local affiliate that used there folks and experience was great in all cases. My wife and I have just returned from Pearlington MS helping on the Katina work and expect to go again next fall
    If you want more information go to the Habitat web site "http://www.habitat.org/rv/newsletter.aspx" and if you have trouble with that send me a note and I will try to help you get to the right people

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