water in roof and in back bedroom

Discussion in 'Talkback' started by n1joh, Oct 8, 2008.

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    well to add the to talk about forest river here i go . i bought a 2004 george town from my dealer in feb of 2004 and did not use it intill april when camping season opens. i open the door and found water by the refrig.and on the floor.by the way it"s a 37 ft with three slide.and a bath and a half. it has be bask to the dealer 5 times and back to the factury 4 time. the water started by the front seats then went to the center then by the front bath door and is now in the bed room . i would like to know if anyone has had this problem before and how did you or them (FM) fix it? they keep saying its a new leak and they fixed the other ones? thank you for your time (n1joh)
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    Re: water in roof and in back bedroom

    We have had a leak twice in the back bathroom and it dripped down from around the roof vent. But the leak enter point was in the kitchen around the sun roof. Both times we had to seal that location to stop the leak some 20 or 30 feet to the rear.
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    Re: water in roof and in back bedroom

    My bet is your orginial leak has not been fixed yet. Hard to say without seeing it, but Lee is right, water will run for many feet before you see it. I have a Jayco TT on my lot right now that is driving us crazy. Gonna rain tonight, we will see.
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    Re: water in roof and in back bedroom

    Of all the maintenance issues in the RV world, I think that the most universally disliked problem is leaks!
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    Re: water in roof and in back bedroom

    I'm going to hazard a guess. Your leak is up on top probably in a seam with caulk that has separated ever so slightly. It might even be covered with a plastic strip separating the side/top, front cap(example) to top, etc. I had one and found it only by looking at it with an violet light that showed the separation. It was coming out of the seam between the front cap and my roof. when I removed the strip and some caulking , I found that the rubber roof had a 1/4 in gap to the front cap that had never been installed correctly when the unit was built. I fixed mine by throwing away the strip, removing the caulking , and using 'eternabond'. No more leak. Luck to you !! cheers

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