Water pump buzzes but doesn't work

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by KathyG, Jul 21, 2009.

  1. KathyG

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    Just bought a used 2000 Roadtrek 2 months ago and the first trip I took with it, the water pump worked fine. It's a 12V SureFlo. I did try running it with a dry tank as I didn't realize I had run out of water, but it was at the end of my camping and I was leaving then anyway, so turned off the pump and drove home. Last weekend took it out again and when I got to campground, the water pump, when you turn it on, does this buzzing sound and that's it. Haven't tried troubleshooting it yet, just wondering if anyone else has had this problem and what was the fix for it. A new one cost around $69 on the Internet, so it doesn't seem too painful to have to replace it, but maybe it's just an easy fix. Any ideas?
  2. Pillaz

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    RE: Water pump buzzes but doesn't work

    You may have damaged the impellor in the pump or gotten debris in it. you can take it apart and check the impellor. Make sure that it turns easily and nothing is caught in it or blocking it. Just a thought.
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    Re: Water pump buzzes but doesn't work

    Most Shurflo water pumps will run dry without damage to the impeller. Try priming the pump and if worse comes to worse a rebuld kit for those pumps is cheap and very easy to install. You need to be more mechanically inclined to remove and replace it than install the new rebuild kit.
  4. darrmann

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    RE: Water pump buzzes but doesn't work

    had the same problem and i took off the out flow and sucked on ther pump to prime it. after that it worked great.
  5. Kirk

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    Re: Water pump buzzes but doesn't work

    SureFlo pumps do not really have an impeller but use a diaphragm design. The vast majority of them that are replaced could have been repaired quite easily by installing a rebuild kit, which should be available from most RV supply stores. They are supposed to be self priming, but occasionally one can fail to prime. That usually means that it needs a rebuild.

    One question before you go too far. Do you happen to have a tank fill valve that uses the city water connection to fill your water tank? If so, make sure that it is completely closed as leaving it open when using the water pump will allow the pump to run constantly, drawing water from the bottom of the tank and pumping it back into the top, via the open city water fill connection. I have had that experience myself more than once.

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