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Discussion in 'Beginning RVing' started by lordon, Jul 8, 2011.

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    Can anybody please tell me where the water pump is located on a 1986 winnebago chieftain motorhome? We have just purchased the motorhome and can't seem to find it and we have been looking. Pump doesn't seem to work so need to look into why. :( lordon@centurytel.net Thanks.
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    Re: water pump location

    Morning Lori and welcome to the forum. I can't tell you where your is located, but I will tell you where mine is and maybe your would be in the same location. Mine is located on the right side on the MH in the first compartment, just above the propane tank. In the compartment there is a cover that hide the pump . I am thinking it was done that way to muffle the sound some. I would also think it would be near the kitchen sink area. I hope this helps, if not I am sure other will have some more ideas for you. Once again welcome.
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    Re: water pump location

    My pump is located under the bed pedestal in the back, and is right next to the water tank.

    This is behind the compartment that is under the mattress. There is an access hole provided under the mattress near the rear wall.
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    Re: water pump location

    ours in our 82 winni brave was under the kitchen table booth ,, with the water tank ,, the water heater was under the other side of the booth :) :)
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