We did it!

Discussion in 'Beginning RVing' started by jimnang, Dec 15, 2007.

  1. jimnang

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    I may be repeating myself but I can't see where my posting is listed. Anyway, I'll try again. We just purchased a Class Super C and would appreciate your input. Our shakedown trip is next month here in FL but will travel Rt. 66 and then on to taking our show car everywhere! Found this forum helpful and know that any info will help us to enjoy this endeavor.

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    Re: We did it!

    Believe you need more specific questions. Input regarding what???? Lots of folks here to help, but help at what??? :dead:
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    Re: We did it!

    Welcome to the forum, Jim.

    At the top of the entry page you will find the word 'Search' in the dark blue border. Put in some topics you think you are interested in and don't forget to change the part at the bottom that determines the dates that are searched. You need to look back a year or two.

    You will find a ton of info that has already been posted. When you run out of stuff to read, you will be totally info-ed out! :laugh:
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    Re: We did it!

    I will look through as you suggest. Two specific questions for now, does anyone know themselves or how I can find out on which roads you can NOT use a tow dolly (such as the NJ Pike)and our purchase was a Gulf Stream Gladiator , all comments would be appreciated.

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