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Discussion in 'General RVing' started by Freedom08, May 12, 2008.

  1. Freedom08

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    Hello all. My name is Anderson and I just joined the forum after an RV-owning friend told me to come here and let you all know what we're doing, and to see if you could help us.

    I have been told that many RV owners are of the freedom- and liberty-minded persuasion, so you may know that there is a Freedom March in Washington on July 12. It was started by some Ron Paul supporters, but has grown to encompass everybody who simply believes in freedom and personal liberty. I hope you can come to that.

    The reason I come to the forums, though, is not to promote the Freedom March, but to seek out the use of an RV. I manage musician Marc Scibilia, who has risen to fame recently. Some, actually many, are calling him the next Bob Dylan. Though Marc can sing. Ouch!

    Well, Marc and I decided that we wanted to put on a tour all across the US to inspire this message of freedom and personal liberty. We're calling it the Freedom Tour. Now Marc Scibilia shuns the recording industry because he wants no limits on the sort of music he writes, which is, like Bob Dylan, very thought-provoking, so we have no big dollars. Or little ones for that matter

    Everything has come together very well though. Through many volunteers and lots of hard work, we have got everything we need except the RV. We need a class A RV from May 29th to July 6th. It's going to be driven all over the country. The tour currently has 28 stops. 5 weeks, 28 cities, and actually we might be adding some more due to the interest we're getting.

    So I am just putting this out there in case there's some people who are fiercely passionate about freedom, liberty, the Constitution, etc., and could possibly help us with this. We are ready to go, we just need some help putting this last piece in the picture. And this is a totally not-for-profit tour. Marc Scibilia will have his CDs for sale, but all the concerts are 100% free! We're going to make a loss doing this, but we are all so passionate about renewing the message of freedom and liberty across this nation.

    And if you would prefer to drive us yourself in your RV, we would prefer that ourselves. Come help us revive the music of liberty throughout the nation.

    If you can help in any way, would you please call me (303) 800 5352 or email me: freedomrocks08@gmail.com

    You can visit these links to learn more:

    Thank you so much for reading this.


    Oh, and here's the current list of cities we'll be playing, in order. We'd love for you to take part.

    Jersey City, NJ
    Washington, DC
    Asheville, NC
    Atlanta, GA
    Nashville, TN
    Memphis, TN
    Dallas, TX
    San Antonio, TX
    Phoenix, AZ
    Las Vegas, NV
    San Diego, CA
    Los Angeles, CA
    San Francisco, CA
    Portland, OR
    Seattle, WA
    Boise City, ID
    Salt Lake City, UT
    Boulder, CO
    Denver, CO
    Kansas City, MO
    St Louis, MO
    St Paul, MN
    Chicago, IL
    Detroit, MI
    Columbus, OH
    Philadelphia, PA
    Boston, MA
    July 4 - New York, NY
  2. DL Rupper

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    Re: We Need Some Help

    Hey Freedom08, good luck. Most of us wouldn't dream of letting our RV's out of our sight. To us our RV's are our Freedom and Liberty from the ordinary.

    Your Freedom Tour sounds interesting, but you started off with a reference to Ron Paul that didn't sit too well with me. I was at Mitt Romney's appearance in Pensacola, FL and the Ron Paul crowd on the perimeter were obnoxious.

    To be honest we try to keep politics out of the forum, but usually with little success. Since you didn't actually mention a political party, this could be interpreted as a politically neutral Freedom Tour. However, I doubt it.

    Again I wish you well as I believe fervently in Freedom, Personal Liberty and the Constitution.
  3. Freedom08

    Freedom08 New Member

    Re: We Need Some Help

    I'm sorry you found some obnoxious Ron Paul people. They are not limited to Ron Paul supporters that's for sure. This movement has moved well beyond the man, Ron Paul. He did champion the message and bring it to national attention for the first time since Barry Goldwater, and it is the message we want to continue to let people know about.

    Also, we more than welcome anyone that wants to participate and support this by driving their RV for us. We will be able to pay something of course. Did I miss that out? I think I did. Oops.

    And thank you for your blessing in this. We believe a great deal that this music of freedom and liberty is powerful and can only have a positive impact on this great nation.
  4. Freedom08

    Freedom08 New Member

    Re: We Need Some Help

    Thanks for the heads up. Yes, we also do not consider this to be a political issue. This is something so much greater than a party or a politician. This is about US. About every individual in this nation and wanting to ensure that their freedoms and personal liberties remain.

    And this tour is about music that promotes that, not politics.

    I personally feel that labeling this politics is a scary scary thing that stops most from thinking about it. If we refuse to even talk about the erosion of our freedoms, we will lose them for certain.
  5. DL Rupper

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    Re: We Need Some Help

    I Hope you can find some supporters with RV's. I think you may be able to find some willing drivers with RV's. Most of us consider the high $$$ investment too much to let the RV out of our sight. Also, a lot of us spent our better days in the 60's chasing dreams and are too long in the tooth to keep up with your 5 week tour.

    Did you post on the RV.Net Open Roads Forum?

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