What Class A to buy

Discussion in 'Talkback' started by kitakids, Jul 11, 2007.

  1. kitakids

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    We are trying to decide which brand to purchase. Any comments or suggestions about: Winnabago, Country Coach (tribute), Monoco, Fleetwood. We hope to keep this coach for many years to come. We are looking for quality and longevity. Any suggestions?
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    RE: What Class A to buy

    what type of rving are u going to use the rig for???
    That will be the prehost to the question???
  3. Kirk

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    RE: What Class A to buy

    There are several brand that have long records of reliability and support. I would look first at names like Newmar, Allegro, National RV, Winnebago and Itasca. All of those have a good record. There are others but these stand out from the crowd. If you really want to know about quality, who makes it and how to determine it, I strongly suggest you visit the RV Consumer Group at www.rv.org and seriously consider joining.
  4. vegas

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    RE: What Class A to buy

    how do ya feel about fleetwod discovery 07,08 is fleetwood a good brand the winnabago has a steel frame is that that much better

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