Windshield Covers

Discussion in 'Full Timing' started by james, Aug 25, 2002.

  1. james

    james New Member

    Any advice on the see thru windshield covers. Do they work and are they worth the money? Where do you get them?
  2. Gary B

    Gary B Senior Member

    Windshield Covers

    Hi ex-rad, are you refering to the tan one with little holes? If you are they work well, we don't have them on our windshield but I did install one on our dinnette window, it pulls down like a shade on the outside, really helps to keep out the direct sun and people can't see in.You can get them at Camping World, have seen them for sale in Az. at Quartzsite, and other places. Happy trails GB
  3. Savannah

    Savannah New Member

    Windshield Covers

    We have them for both the inside and outside. Ordered the inside ones from Camping World and the outside one were custom made by a vendor at a rally. In extreme heat I use the inside ones because they have both the screen and a solid piece. This will block the heat/sun and save the air conditioner from killing itself but also protects the dash and furniture from sun fade. In extreme cold these also help keep the heat inside. The exterior ones are just the screen and they are perfect for privacy since you can see out but not in. We oten use them both at the same time to help with heat and cool. The exterior ones are easier to put on and fit nice and snug since they were custom made.
  4. Kirk

    Kirk Senior Member

    Windshield Covers

    We have them and as fulltimers, in a motorhome, they are a must. Ours are from Precision Machine & Equipment and they are great. The best part is the fact that these are held in place by trucker's bungee cords and they require no drilling of holes.
  5. GLSmock

    GLSmock New Member

    Windshield Covers

    Hi ya Kirk!How ya doin'? I just orderd a set of those windshield shade screens from The rv toy store.I got windshield cover and both driver and passenger covers and windshield wiper covers W/ bag fpr $165+$15.00 shipping.they offer snaps,twist lock or Velcro fasteners,I chose Velcro(no drilling).I think that I'll get covers for the rest of mh when I get retired next spring.Take care of yourself out there,whereever there is.GL :laugh: ;)

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