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Discussion in 'General RVing' started by kidkasha, Oct 26, 2011.

  1. kidkasha

    kidkasha Junior Member

    New at RVing what should I have to know about preparing for snow on the road. I just purchase a 40' deisel pusher
  2. H2H1

    H2H1 Senior Member

    I would take that big thing and head to Flordia, no snow there. But all joking aside, drive slower and be care full. Remember that thing is heavy and big, give yourself space and time to stop on dry pavement, so double that space between you and what is in front of you in rain or snow. You never said if you are a full timer, or part timer RV'er. But ,if storaging it be sure to winterize it against freezing. And cover all the wheels against the elements, most important the SUN. But stay on here and some seasonal RVers will give you some better advise than I have. I try not to get in an area where I would be required to drive in snow. But a little common sense goes a long ways.
  3. Pancanbob

    Pancanbob Senior Member

    HI, Kidkasha
    You never know what the weather will do, so have set of tire chains.
    Not knowing what kind of rig you have... if driving down the road in below freezing weather (Below 32 degrees) make sure your plumbing or tanks don't freeze.:(
    With a Diesel, you will need to know about the class of fuel you put in your tank, there is a Winter and Summer Diesel fuels
    and as Hollis say keep plenty of room between you and the next guy!:stupid:
    Or just go South....Be happy and no worriers :triumphant:
    The main thing is enjoy your new Toy
    Take care
  4. kidkasha

    kidkasha Junior Member

    Will be a part timer looking to eventually being full time. I am in the process of getting an american eagle diesel 40', and have a son in ID so thatis why I am asking about snow travel
  5. TexasClodhopper

    TexasClodhopper Senior Member

    Because you asked the question ...

    Find a driver training course. You might be surprised at what you don't know about driving a diesel pusher. That will be the cheapest insurance you ever buy.

    PS. No offense meant whatsoever.
  6. oakweb

    oakweb Junior Member

    nice chat:)...*
  7. LEN

    LEN Senior Member

    I'm at 63' with the toad on the trailer. I have been in blizzard conditions with a good 90 degree wind with hard packed snow and ice, not because I wanted to but had an appointment, and as long as you keep you wits about you a DP will do well. Really the DP does better than cars or suv's for holding the road but has a longer stopping distance and if you start sliding heaven help you. If I had a choice layover is the best.

  8. Kirk

    Kirk Senior Member

    Driving in snow?

    I have traveled with an RV in snow, but not with the present one. When we lived in WY I used to take one hunting in the mountains and we always wanted snow for the hunting, but dry roads for travel! Seems like we seldom got both. :eek:

    Today we just do not travel on bad roads. We sit still when weather gets bad and only travel in rain if we get caught in it out on the road. We typically stop fairly soon if we get into heavy rain. When we have snow, we just wait for the weather to improve and the roads to be pretty much clear and dry. Major routes are usually cleared out pretty quickly and it just isn't worth the hard work to travel when they are bad. Even in Idaho, the roads are free of snow most of the time if you stay on the interstate routes.
  9. kidkasha

    kidkasha Junior Member

    Got stuck in IDaho in a road called July 4th returning from thanksgiving with son in Coure D' Alene, wrong chains thought we would be another Donner family
    the snow was so thick. Wife never wanted go back that time of year. Stayed in california

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