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    Normally I winterize my trailer by draining the water from the system and using a hand pump, pumping in RV antifreeze into the lines thru the city water valve, opening the furthest faucet first. Then putting RV antifreeze into each drain. I saw my neighbor at the campground using an air compressor with 30 lbs. pressure blowing the lines out through the city water city water valve. He then put RV antifreeze into each drain line. Is this method as good as putting RV antifreeze into the lines? Thanks, LCP.
  2. C Nash

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    I have done it this way LCP but I like the way you are doing best. I use the rv water pump to pump into all lines after by-passing the water heater.
  3. s.harrington

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    pumping through the city water inlet doesn't winterize your pump. Plus you should open all your valves one at a time including the toilet while you are under pressure. There is a kit by Camco that allows you to witerize with your water pump. Once installed (anyone can do it ) all you have to do is put the suction hose on and turn the valve. Then open yjour valves one at a time to let the antifreeze run through. You will waste less antifreeze too. I install these on all my customers rigs that have me winterize annually along with a water heater bypass if they don't have one.
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    I agree, don't blow out the lines with air alone. We replaced several water pumps this spring just because they blew out with air and water was left in the pump. Pump antifreeze in the lines, and you are safe. You don't have to blow out first. Bypass the water heater, drain it, displace the water in the lines with antifreeze and pour a little in the traps and you are done.
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    I have Onan 4000kV generator on my class C MH and I heard that in preparation for winter storage, one should run generatow with fuel sipply valve shut off to prevent issues with rubrizing of carburator. Has anyone done this? Any feedback?
  6. alwarner

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    All good ideas but don't forget the city water hook-up ball valve. After running your freshwater pump to put the antifreeze in all the lines. There still will be a small amount of water at the city water hook-up. To enpty this , go outside to the city water hook-up and remove the screen washer ( if there is one ) and take a small pointed tool,( ice pick, ballpoint pin ) and jently push on the little ball that you will see and watch the water come out and than turn pink, now your all set.
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    waldi, if you can turn off the fuel pump by interupting the power to it, then it would be wise to do as you suggest. I did the same thing with my RV before we went fulltime.
  8. sp

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    I do it the same way Chelse does for the last three years with no problems. I disconnect the feed from the on board water tank to the pump and run a flex hose from the jug into the pump. It's pretty easy.
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    is there a quick and easy way to do winterizing in bulk. lets say 20-30 motorhomes/trailers?

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