xplorer 230xlt wide body ----winterizing?

Discussion in 'Class B Motorhomes' started by denathome, Oct 26, 2009.

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    I bought a used 1999 unit this year, so I am winterizing it for the first time. Unfortunately xplorer as it was in 1999 no longer exists, and I have not been able to get my questions answered from anyone there. I have an owners manual and it is very thorough, except for how to drain the fresh water tank. There is a drain on the bottom of the tank, but no valve anywhere that I can see. Can anyone help me out with this question. I drained the tank by turning on the pump and opening a line drain and emptying it that way. Who knows, maybe that is the way to do it. Seems kind of strange though with a drain in the tank.
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    Re: xplorer 230xlt wide body ----winterizing?

    I would think if there is a drain valve there it should open to drain it. I don't have a drain valve om MH so I use the water pump and pump it out, yes it is slow but it does the job. so good luck with your.

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