12 volt refridgerator

i am looking into a 12 volt fredge for my camp. the one that i am looking at Draws 2.5 amps at 12 volt DC.
i have 2 trojens 105's for lights .
is 2.5 amps a lot of draw?
12 volt refridgerator

Look on your batteries and see what their reserve is. Then do the math, divide the reserve by the load. For example a 100 amp/hour battery would thoeretically run your fridge for 40 hours. If you had two 100 amp/hour batteries you could run 80 hours. Not exact but that's the idea behind those ratings. Your fridge is theoretically using 30 watts of power, VxA, or 12x2.5=30.
12 volt refridgerator

You also have to take in consideration the voltage drop as you use the battery. As the voltage drops because of usage the amp draw goes up causing the battery to lose the voltage faster and the amp draw goes up so that the 40 hours actually turns out to be 25 hours or less. However if you charge your batteries daily you will have less of a problem. Just remember that for every amp you draw out you must put it back in so charge time needs to be calculated.
RE: 12 volt refridgerator - or one with convertor


How has your 12v refridgerator worked out? Does it have a real compressor, or is it a gas/electric 110v-12v style?

We need to replace our gas/electric fridge but they are very expensive.

I'm wondering if a norma mini regfridgerator on a 12v to 110v convert would work.

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RE: 12 volt refridgerator - or one with convertor

a normal 110v refer draws about 6-8 amps to run. Thats almost 60 amps 12v. you would run a battery dry in no time.