12 volt swamp cooling


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Ive looked everywere for a decent RV 12v swamp cooler. I had one on my Aljo- it was a colman- built well, but unfortunately, plastic. It disintigrated- and Coleman doesn't manufacture them anymore. I have all the parts to build my own using muffin fans (or the radiator fan I just bought at surplus center.com) and a cpu cooler water pump- but wonder if there is something aout there- window or roof mount. I don't want to haul around a 125 lb AC unit i'll never use (I go dry camping to remote sites), and I'd rather not have to build one right now.

Does anyone have info on 12v swamp coolers? If not- I'll have to build one and report back. Thanks.

PS. I have been installing soler power on every RV I've owned. It is simply incredible- little maintenance and weight, and lots of power- nice.