12V Fridge Power

I have no main 12V power going to my Dometic fridge. I cannot locate a fuse or relay that would cause this. Main 12V power going to circuit board. All beakers are good, all other 12V power is working just the circuit to the fridge. Can anyone point me in the right direction? I have a 50 Amp system 2003 Rexhall Roseair.
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Re: 12V Fridge Power

On the 12v, I am assuming you are checking it at the white connector just under the board on the refer itself. This is where the 12v and ground are hooked up.
Maybe a mouse has chewed thru the wire? I have seen this on trailers and MH's. Had a slide a few years ago that the 12v wire had been chewed right in two.
Re: 12V Fridge Power

yes I am checking at the12V block. No power. I am know thinking it is a direct connect to the batterys and I haven't checked in the battery compartment for a fuse. I don't think it is a rodent problem as the cables are covered with hard plastic loom.
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Just for reference the line was fine. The folks at Rexhall were no help at all. The fuse panel in the coach did not list the fridge and I checked all fuses but the SPARE. (Who would check a fuse in a panel listed as a spare?) I went back and checked all fuses including the spare and that what it was. The spare fuse should have been listed on the cover as the fridge not a spare. Who would have thought. Thanks for your input
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Re: 12V Fridge Power

Thanks for the update Captain :approve: . Never say never when it comes to rvs. It'll be what you least expect. :laugh: I will remember to alway ck the spare fuse for a problem now :eek: :laugh: