1970 Trailblazer

I recently aquired a 1970 Trailblazer Travel Trailer. I believe that it was made by Komfort, but I am not completely sure. I was hoping for some help in finding any sort of information on this RV, My search on the major search engines came up empty. I'd appreciate it.
1970 Trailblazer

Hello msc2375

By any chance would it be a Komfort Trailblazer currently built by Thor Industries? It looks like they made a TT and a 5th wheel Trailblazer. Thor acquired a Canadian company named General Coach which I think may be the original builder in 1982. (At least all the references I can find using the trailer names etc. refer to Canadian Manufacturers.)

Good Luck!!!!
1970 Trailblazer

Hello again,
It has to be a Komfort (you are correct). I know they started building trailers in 67. Komfort is now owned by Thor. They have a home page with Oregon Phone numbers where you should be able to find some answers about your specific trailer. (forget the General Coach, I was headed down the wrong path...)

12628 SE Jennifer Clackamas, OR 97015
Tel: (503) 722-5199
Fax: (503) 722-5193

Hope this helps.
1970 Trailblazer

You may be able to find an ID tag on the trailer with the manufacturers name on it. Its usually on the lower curb side front corner. Being that it is so old though it may be gone. Also on a lot of the older rigs, they put a data sheet on the inside of a cabinet door.