1971 Open Road TT


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Hi all,
Someone just gave me an old 1971 17' Open Road Travel Trailer. Its in bad shape but I plan on rebuilding it from the ground up. My problem is should I restore it to its former glory or should I redesign the whole rig. Its rotten in most areas so I have to start at the frame and work my way up. I'm not worried about the cost because I can stretch it over several months. I just think that if I am going to have a new box on an old frame it might as well look new.
Any Thoughts???


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1971 Open Road TT

Hello, there are nothing like the old ones! I just purchases a 66 holiday rambler TT and ofcourse it needs more work that suspected, but I am fixing it up as mostly original with the addition of cable tv through out. Mine has an all birch interior, and I'm restoring a few panels of that. I am changing the rear side by side twin beds, for one full size. Go to birchwood beauties web site, and click on the resto jobs, that will give you some incentive. Bottom line is it's yours to do with what you imagination, and wallet can come up with. Your trailer will keep it's value, and chances are it will appreciate in value. Good luck :laugh: