1977 Argosy


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I have seen a few of the Argosy Motorhomes can anybody tell me about them beside it was made by Airstream . What was good about them, what was bad ,what to look out for, found a 28ft one for sale . I know they are old and butt ulgy, but the look kinds of grows on you. Was thinking about doing a remodeling to one. The other thing how hard is it to get parts for the Argosy stuff,the drive train is no problem,I have a 6.9 diesel and a c-6 trans that would make a great repower. Also any idea what a 26 or 28 ft. weighs? All imformation would help. :laugh: :question: :bleh: :) :laugh:

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1977 Argosy

Hi slow-canoe, the Argosy is as you say a paint Airstream, the workmanship and quaility and materials were all top shelf, the resale is generally very good. As with buying any rv check it over very close several times, I don't know about the MH's but the trailers can and do rot out in the floor and I have first hand experience that its not and easy job to repair but it can be done.I kind of like the looks of Airstreams you will find that cabinet storage is limited because of the rounded shape of the coach, which of course hepl when going down the road. There are lots and lots of parts available for older Airstreams and of course the appliances or all standard off the shelf items. As for repowering it with the 6.9 diesel forget it it will cost way too much, you'll end up with a job that will take much time and energy and the 454 Chevy will round rings around the 6.9 when it comes to power. I've had a couple of F-250's with the 6.9 in them, its a good engine but a 460 or a 454 has more power and is as good or better in the MH. Good luck with the search, as for the weights I don't know but I'll see if I can locate a link to Airstreams for you. :) :laugh: :cool: :bleh: ;) :approve:
Heres a couple of AS links http://www.calldon.com/air.htm

Also besure to check out all the appliances as they are expensive to replace.