1978 Holiday Rambler Electrical Problem


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I have a problem with one of my 12 Volt circuits that supply lites on both sides of the motor home and the heater. I have an intermittent short somewhere and if I short the fuse everything will work until whatever I have jumped the fuse with starts glowing red. The wire measures shorted, but I have no idea where the lines go inside, could there be a junction box where they break out for the individual side runs? Any one know where I could find any info about this? A schematic?



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Re: 1978 Holiday Rambler Electrical Problem

Welcome to the forum. Sorry it is under such circumstances.

Probably no junction box, just wires tied together with crimp connectors in some inaccessible location.

If I had this problem, I would not jumper the fuze. Imagine the wires in your wall glowing red... Instead, I would remove everything which is supposed to be powered by that circuit from the wall and see if I could see anything which looks wrong. This includes the fuze panel. I would trace the wires as far as I could get in all directions looking for problems. If that didn't work, I'd disconnect all the devices (including detaching that wire from the fuze panel) and see if the wires still read as 'shorted'. If not, I'd reconnect 1 at a time to see which device is bad. If it still is shorted even with nothing attached to the ends of the wires, I'd have to see the schematic to figure out what to do next.