1986 Prairie Schooner by Mallard Coach Company INC

I own a 1986 Prairie Schooner and need to know if it contains any asbestos anywhere in the RV when it was manufactured? can anyone help me on this?


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got this off the internet, hope it will help

Asbestos Ban and Phase Out


On July 12, 1989, EPA issued a final rule banning most asbestos-containing products. In 1991, this regulation was overturned by the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans. As a result of the Court's decision, the following specific asbestos-containing products remain banned: flooring felt, rollboard, and corrugated, commercial, or specialty paper. In addition, the regulation continues to ban the use of asbestos in products that have not historically contained asbestos, otherwise referred to as "new uses" of asbestos. For more information read EPA Asbestos Materials Ban (ABPO Rule): Clarification (PDF) (3 pp., 10 K) - May 1999.
If you remove any of the old linoleum, the backing, called the felt, may contain asbestos. I have seen propane heaters with a layer of asbestos.
I just de-muddobbered my furnace on my 83 and there was some asbestos gaskets. I replaced them with some I made from exhaust gasket material.