1988 pace arrow delamitaion issue


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I bought my class a pace arrow with delamintation, it is mainly on the drivers side rear and drivers front , but also on the pass. rear. I was told it was caused by someone towing without the rear frame reinforced, but I was also told that the weather caused it by some one else. I have noticed it to be a little worse since I have used it over that past month or so since I first purchased it this summer.
Any help on solving the cause would be greatly appreciated.

C Nash

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Re: 1988 pace arrow delamitaion issue

Most of the time this is caused by leaks IMO :( . The glue process was also not the best in those years.


Re: 1988 pace arrow delamitaion issue

I agree with C they had probs back then getting the roofs to seal and also getting the walls to stay together ,, i suggest that u ck out every inch of the coach ,, at night ,, have someone go over the entire coach with the flashlight ,, while u'r inside ,, look for any light that u may see,,, if u see light ,, then that just might be u'r leak prob ,, JMO though ;)