1992 31 ft Jayco 5th wheel


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I'm looking at a used Jayco tomorrow or the next day. Anybody have any insight on shortcoming or failings of the 31 ft Jayco 5th wheel :question:

Any and all comments will be appreciated.

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1992 31 ft Jayco 5th wheel

The title of this says it is a 1992 model. Since 2007's will start coming out around April, depending on when it was made, it could be almost 15 years old. That is a little stretch, but not too far off. You need to look for water marks inside from leaks. Look around windows, upper corners, and around any vent opening in the roof including the AC. If you see a dark color or the vinal seperating from the base luan, check it out closely. If it has a rubber roof, it had either a 10 or 12 year warranty, check out the sealant around the edges, and vents. If it is a metal roof, check out all seams. Since the Sun is really hard on plastic, look at the roof vent tops and holding tank vents. Make sure they are not cracked or even missing, like I have seen a lot of tank vents. Of course, check out all the appliances and the general apperance. Look at the tires and if possible, check the brakes. Price is most important. Make sure it matches the condition of the trailer.

Not trying to scare you, just been there and done ALL THAT! Good Luck