1993 Adventurer

I'm new to class A.Does anyone have information or comments on this model.It is the standard run of the mill,with low miles,34rq.I noticed on the test drive a slight wander.Thanks,David P in Nashville


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1993 Adventurer

Sounds like it probably has a GM, P-30 chassis? Adventurer is built by Winnebago and is their better quality gas powered motorhome. They have an excellent reputation. In 93 the GVWR would be 16K.

What else do you want to know?
1993 Adventurer

Wander could be worn front end parts, alignment, tire pressure or combination. Do the easy one first. Make sure they have enough air in the tires.
1993 Adventurer

Thanks Krazeehorse.I'vechecked air pressure,also air in F&R airbags.I'm going to run 75# in airbags.The front end is probably ok,the unit has 22,100 miles only.The tires might need balance though.Also,do you know where the furnace is located? I suspect its under dining booth floor.David