1993 Roadtrek 21 Chevy 350 towing

I have the above Roadtrek. I have the Chevy owners manual but its for the chassis not the Motorhome. I want to buy a 6x12 single axle trailer with the GVWR of 3000lb. I beleive the trailer weighs approx 1100lbs. I suspect this is not to big a trailer for this vehicle. I expect to load it no more than 1500lbs.
Can someone tell me if I can tow this safely?
Has anyone put a hitch on this moterhome?
Where did you get it?

Thank you


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Re: 1993 Roadtrek 21 Chevy 350 towing

Does the chassis manual list a GCWR (gross combined weight rating)? If so, load up the Roadtrek with the stuff and the people who will be in it, and go to a scale. Find out what it weighs, subtract from the GCWR, and you have an upper limit on how much you can tow.

If not in the manual, you may be able to find the GCWR and the dry (empty) or wet (fuels and water) weight of the RV on the inside of the door of one of the cabinets. With this information, you can perhaps make a first approximation of your tow capacity without a visit to the scale (although a scale is better than a guess).

A normal 350 van ought to be able to tow way more than 3000 pounds. But all the weight of the RV part is subtracted from the towing capability, so perhaps it can tow 3000 and perhaps it can't.
Re: 1993 Roadtrek 21 Chevy 350 towing

I had it weighed some years ago so when I find the tickets I will be able to do the math. I checked out some hitches and they all look pretty much the same. They bolt to the chassis but when I looked at the chassis today I don't see how a one could bolt to the chassis because the trunk storage hangs down below the bumper and the hitch would have to be deeper. I might have to have a custome hitch made. http://search.cartserver.com/search...keywords=1993&keywords_2=CHEV-GMC.VANS&GO=GO!