1998 Roadtrek 190 Popular


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Just about ready to buy Roadtrek. Does anyone have any suggestions about reliability and known problems or dislikes. It has 73,000 miles, one owner.nada says about 18,500 retail. Would probably prefer P.W, have been looking a long time. Thanks for your thoughts. Bob


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RE: 1998 Roadtrek 190 Popular

The only problem reported with the 98 Roadtrek was a Dodge issue the rear door seal leaks at times. I would definetly replace the sewer hose & dump valves. Check the generator for operation if its ben sitting the Carburator is lackerd up ($300), replacing the batteries is good to, make sure the rear battery is getting a charge when the Van is running, if not you will need to replace the (isolator)($200) its pretty common, the isolator splits the charge from the alternator charging the rear Aux battery while driving,the most expensive issue with an older unit is the Refridgerator, make sure its working/cold, if not about $900..make sure the roof AC works if not $750.. Thats all i can think of...Cheers.