1999 Suzuki Vitara JX


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New to Motorhome RVing;
Have any of you experienced towing this vehicle behind your Motorhome?

Is this a good choice for a towed vehicle?

Or do I need to look for a diffrent vehicle?

All input on what makes a good choice for towing behind a motorhome are welcome!


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1999 Suzuki Vitara JX

Actually, we do own a grand vitara plus model. Our second Suzuki for a toad. We both think pretty highly of them and fully intend to get a third if and when the time comes. We have had alot of toads over the past forty some odd years of motorhoming and believe these to be the best of the lot. The V-6 has more than enough power and consistantly puts out 23 MPG. The wife just loves it's maneuverability while shopping. I think it does an excellent job on the beaches and in deep snow.