1st Trip?

Ok! we bit the big one and after much debate and looking we decided on the SV291 BHS Forest River Surveyor. It really seem to meet our needs in weight and floor plan and seemed to be built well compared to similar models. Not to mention I think I got a great deal! Payed $15000 for a 2006 that appears to have been used maybe twice. There are still wrappers on some things. Any way to get on with my question, we are going to take a short trip next weekend(15 miles from the house) What are some of the essentials that I need? We have bottles full, electric cords and pigtails, and camping supplies, but is there anything Rv specific that I need?(special toilet paper, adapters,etc). I would appreciate any suggestions. I know I could have possibly found this in other threads but I am also new to the forums and need a little practice navigating around so I thought this would be easier for now, I will get better I promise!

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Thanks for the response. I have those things you mentioned, on the leveling device, do you mean besides the leveling jacks on the trailer?


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Yes, to level the trailer, you need something you can drive one side up onto. Some people use a set of wood blocks (cheap) and others use a set of interlocking plastic blocks (light weight and 'cleaner'). You will want to be able to select any height between 1 inch and 4 to 6 inches, in increments of no more than 1". Any jacks that are on the trailer are either for leveling front to back, or stabilization. To level, you look at your level guage on the trailer and get an estimate of how much you are off side to side, build a 'hill' that high, and pull the trailer up onto the hill. Verify you are now level side to side. If not, drive off the hill and add to it/subtract from it. I don't know how to level a TT front to back, but on a fifth wheel, you use the front landing legs. Once you are level in both axis, you can lower any stabilization jacks until they just start to 'lift' the trailer.

You will also need chocks to keep your trailer from moving (or rolling off the 'hill' :) ) These can be simple things which go in front of/behind the wheels, or fancy dingusses which clamp between the wheels of dual axel rigs.

A rug which wraps around the entry step is a good way to help keep the interior clean. If you have an awning, a 'deflapper' kit is useful to reduce 'flapping' in the wind. Make sure you have any tools which should have come with the unit to open/close the awning(s).

Hook up supplies - 15/30/50 amp converters, extension cord for your amperage, Electrical test guage (to insure the hookup you are about to make will not damage your RV), Surge Suppressor, White (anything else may not be suitable for drinking water) hoses for water (25' and 10' are the most useful, I also carry a 4' which comes in handy at times). A WATER PRESSURE REGULATOR (I didn't use one once and blew the pressure sensor on my water pump and the toilet supply line). An inline water filter (to keep sediment and such out of the tank; I use one which is rated against bacteria). A 'Y' adapter with individual shutoffs (the cheapest you can get (Home Depot?), so you can leave it behind without remorse). Spare hose washers. If you have an external fresh water fill port, a special nozzle with shutoff valve (from Camping World). I find the brass 45 degree and 90 degree adapters to come in handy at times. For dumping the tanks, a clear adapter, 90 degrees, 45 degrees or straight as appropriate, hose (the RhinoFlex kit seems the best currently available), dump site adapter, some way to flush out the tanks, plastic gloves and or disinfectant. If you have cable TV hookup, some cable for that, with male and female adapters.

Basic tool set, including a 'RV' screwdriver (they use funny screws on those things, clutch, square, etc). In particular, any tools you need to manually extend/retract any slides. A ceramic heater and a 12v fan for auxillary heating/cooling.

Toilet paper, and the black tank chemicals you like.

As you gain experiance, you will come up with the complete list for your RV and your camping style. For instance, if you visit friends a lot, there are several more hookup items which can come in handy.

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Wal-Mart has cheap RV toilet paper. It supposedly dissolves better than reg TP. A lot of RV'ers claim reg TP is ok. I use the cheap Wal-Mart TP just to be safe. :bleh: :approve:
Make sure your tires a fully inflated to recommend psi before you leave home. Have a fun and safe trip.
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hertig thanls for all of the information. Very useful, especially on the leveling. Also appreciate everyone else's help as well. I will let you know how the first trip goes . Tahnks again!
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Walmart has a pretty good RV section. We got the stick on levels and put them by the electric level button, and on each side of the 5th wheel pin. Helps to have them right in sight and they are small and don't get in the way. Helps alot when leveling on uneven sites.
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Well were back from the 1st Trip and we had a real good time. Thanks again for all of the advise on what to have. Like you said we found some extra things that we could use to make life a little easier on the road, but had all the main things we needed. One Item that I realized I need is a portable sewer tote when the grey water fills. I had a nice enough neighbor let me borrow his this first trip so that I did not have to hook my rig up to go dump. Does anyone have an opinion on which one of these is a good brand. I really just need one that is going to hold up as far as the wheels, etc. ................ anyway I can definatley say that I think we are really going to enjoy the rv. My little boy absolutley loved it as well as my wife. I really enjoyed getting out and meeting new people, and learning the ways of the RV life..........................rtw


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The 'blue' ones which Camping World sells seem to be pretty good (or at least the one I got a few years back is). Haven't used it much though, since it is smaller than either of the tanks of my old trailer, not to mention the current motorhome

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Camping world here only sells the Thedford tote tank and the reviews are not good on the Thedford. Some say you can't completely empty it. Tote and Store seem to have a pretty good one as does Barker. Kind of like the storage for the hose and acessories on the Tote and store. JC Whitney has a good sell on I think the Barker. Get the handle for hooking on the hitch ball to tow to dump station. 15 gallon would be ok if you don't mind hauling often but the 25 gallon would be better IMO. Just remember 25 gallons at forget what water weighs per gallon but would be around 6 lb per gallon so can get heavy.