2000 chevy Z71 extened cab, 5.3 , 3.73


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i'am new to fulltime RVing, my wife and i are looking at trailers now, i own a 2000 chevy Z71 silverado , 5.3- 3.73..gears. we were looking at two rockwood ultra lite trailers one is 26' dry weight of 3780, the other is a 31'6" and dry weight is 4542 do you think the 31 would be ok or is it too much for the truck, any help will be appreciated, thanks . Harold & Donna new RVers

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2000 chevy Z71 extened cab, 5.3 , 3.73

The first place to start is mfgs recomendation for tow amount of your truck. Is it a short bed? If so, I would not recommend the 31 1/2ft even though your truck should handle the weight as far as towing if it is equiped with all the towing packages. Just remember you also have to stop. Type of hitch and trailer also has a lot to do with towing. Don't skimp on the hitch and sway controls. I towed a 30 ft airstream with a long w/base 1/2 ton chevy with no problem and it was heavier than the trailers you are talking about but , we stayed close to home.

Should have read your heading, see it is the extended cab so you probably can handle either trailer allthough I would go with the 26 footer. This should be a pretty good match IMO
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2000 chevy Z71 extened cab, 5.3 , 3.73

With that gear combination, you will want the lightest trailer you can get. I have the 6L engine and 410 gears and still have a bit of problem getting (6500 lb 5th wheel) up long grades.