2000 Winnie Adventurer


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I am getting ready to purchase a used winnie 35U w/ 30K miles on it and some popular add-on extras. Does anybody have any comment on this choice before I finalize the deal. Good or Bad is welcomed.

Gary B

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2000 Winnie Adventurer

Hi routabit, I don't have any personal experience with a Winnebago, but know that they enjoy a good reputation, if you like the floor plan and the rest looks good, check it over a couple of times, and ask questions. Good luck, keep us posted and ask question. :) :laugh: :cool: :bleh: :approve:


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2000 Winnie Adventurer

I see a lot of Winnies on a used RV lots. Many for the the 90's.
Lots for the the 80's. Hell, even a few from the 70's.

There is a reason they are on the lot looking for resale.....they must be built to last.

Enjoy. Hope it is a good one.


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2000 Winnie Adventurer

It's to bad Winnebago is sacrificing basement storage for the air conditioning. Those of us who treasure the importance of storage are disappointed by the lack of with these rigs. Also the Mor-Stor compartments greatly reduce the amount of pass through space underneath. These rigs are nice inside but if storage is your thing as is ours, this may not be the rig for you. Winnebago has always had a good rep but some of the changes that came in the late 90's have turned us former owners to other brands.
Also, check to see if the floors now have ample support. We had a 95 Adventurer. The heating ducts ran beneath the floor and as a result, the heat dried up the glue which held together the layers of flooring resulting in a spongy feel. One remedy was to spend over 700$ to have the floor rebuilt. We opted to take up the carpet and put in a Pergo floor to stiffen it up a bit. We still had give in the floor but not as bad. Winnebago was not to receptive to complaints about this situation. In discussions with a dealer in New Hampshire, we found out that it seemed to be a chronic problem. Hopefully, they have remedied that by now.
This year we traded our Winnie for another brand, sadly. The new Winnebagos are going the way of the Airstream unfortunately, raising the prices high to justify their name.
If you do buy this Winnie, we hope you enjoy it and be sure to attend a Grand National Rally at the factory. They occur every July.

Best of Luck