2001 Damon Daybreak


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I have a 01 Daybreak, I just put in the coach batteries in (two 6 volt) deep charge style. Checked the voltage and they are fully charged, but I cant get the battery disconnect switch to "turn on". I've checked the breakers and fuses but pretty sure that it maybe the solenoid. I usually here a click near the switch itself. I dont hear this "click anymore. It also is preventing me from starting my generator. Shore line plugged in and all my indicators show full charge, and all power runs throughout the coach.. I cant find the solenoid or relay for this.. Anyone know? I don't have a manual either.

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Re: 2001 Damon Daybreak

Hello and welcome to the forum. Are your batteries connected in series. If not, you are only applying 6 volts to your system.

The solenoid and relay should be in or near your battery box. Follow the heavy red cable from your coach battery and that will take you to the solenoid. You should also have an 8 red gauge wire going from your battery to your relay. Have you rechecked all of the wires to your battery? You might have missed one that needs to be connected.I won't tell you how many times I have done that. :approve:

Good luck and keep us informed. :)